About Cellex

Cellex Cell Professsionals comprises: 

  • The Cellex Collection Center is specialised in peripheral blood stem cell donation and bone marrow harvesting from healthy donors. 
  • Cellex Medical Services manages potential donors to clarify if they are eligible to donate stem cells. 
  • Cellex Medical Transports offers the worldwide transport of stem cells and related products.
  • Cellex Patient Treatment develops innovative therapeutics to cure cancer and initiates, guides and performs early clinical trial units.
  • The Cellex Foundation stands for science, research, tolerance and open-mindedness.

We care for life!

As the organizational hub, Cellex Cell Professionals takes over all the administrative aspects of the Cellex Group and, acting as a service provider, bundles the administrative management (e.g. finance, human resources, IT, marketing, and purchasing) of its daughter companies. Through the central management of all administrative tasks, maximal efficiency and exchange of interdisciplinary is guaranteed.