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Cellex Medical Services

As a center of medical competence, CMS  Cellex Medical Services supervises potential stem cell donors, who may be suitable for a donation.

We care for you

You have received a letter from the DKMS or another stem cell registry in which you were told that you may be a suitable donor for a patient with leukemia. The typing, based upon the saliva sample you submitted, must be verified however. We must confirm that all relevant markers match between donor and patient. In addition to the typing verification, experienced physicians and medically trained colleagues will assess your suitability based upon questionnaires and blood values.

In addition, we must make sure that, medically, there is nothing that stands in the way of a donation: your welfare as a donor is our top priority. It must be ensured, that a donation will not have negative effects upon your health. Reasons that may speak against a donation for example are cardiovascular diseases, cancers, or a pregnancy. Our experienced collection physicians are available for all your medical questions.

Following successful medical approval, CMS takes care of all the organization surrounding your donation. The briefing, preparation, the collection itself, and the follow-up consultation are arranged centrally by CMS. Your journey, the hotel reservation, and all other organizational points are taken care of by CMS, to keep your burden as low as possible. In this way, you can focus entirely on preparing yourself in peace and quiet for the coming donation. We are available around the clock for questions of any kind.