CPT - Cellex Patient Treatment

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CPT is engaged in two fields. The research focused location in Dresden's Bio-Innovationszentrum develops individualized cell therapies for the treatment of severe diseases, such as cancer.

For the initial testing of new therapeutic procedures, clinical studies, so-called early clinical trials, are carried out. These early studies take place in our modern clinical treatment centers in our ECTU in Dresden and Cologne. The participating patients can benefit from novel therapies. The safety of the patients and the documentation of the results are the priorities here.


We research to cure!

CPT is developing an innovative and highly effective treatment for different forms of cancer in close cooperation with GEMoaB Monoclonals GmbH and academic partners of the Technical University of Dresden. In this patented procedure, immune cells are taken from the patient and modified with a surface protein which is known by the technical term chimeric antigen receptor (CAR). The newly developed universal CAR technology (UniCAR) paves the way for an effective customized approach to treating cancer patients while also reducing the risk of adverse advents. It can be used flexibly for a number of different forms of cancer.

The modified types of immune cells, which are called T-cells, communicate with targeting modules that are selected especially for each patient. The modified cells pinpoint specific tumor cells, guide the T-cell with the UniCAR to its goal and kill the tumor cells in conjunction with the UniCAR. Administering a precise dose of the targeting modules triggers an anti-tumor reaction of the immune system that can be precisely controlled for the patient’s safety. The targeting modules can be exchanged with one another as needed, which means that it is possible to customize the drug treatment to the medical needs of each individual patie