Family Internal Donation

Here you can read about the particularities of a Family Internal Donation.

Family Internal Donation

For a person with leukemia, the search for a suitable stem cell donor begins within the immediate family. The relevant tissue characteristics (HLA markers) are determined half by each parent. The probability that siblings carry the same markers is therefore 25%. This means that siblings are especially likely to be suitable donors. Because of the increasingly low number of siblings, the chances of finding an identical donor within the family are getting smaller. However, there are newer therapeutic procedures through which only half-matching, so-called haploidentical, family members may be suitable donors. 

In the event that no suitable family donor is available, a well matched unrelated donor is sought. For German patients, a suitable unrelated donor can be found in national and international donor registries in about 80% of cases. 

Hopes and fears may be closely related

When you donate for a family member, this is a very special situation for you and also for your family. As a donor you probably have many questions about your donation and perhaps a little fear of the procedure. 

In addition, as a close relative you have probably directly witnessed the suffering of the leukemia patient. You may have the feeling, that the hope for a cure now depends upon your donation. This can give rise to ambivalent feelings in you as the donor towards the recipient and the family: 

You are pleased, because you can help. The family and the recipient are relieved, because help is coming. But there is also fear, that maybe the donation cannot heal the relative. A family internal donation is considered to be a great stroke of luck, but is also accompanied by tension and worry. 

The Cellex medical team understands the difficult situation in which you find yourself. For this reason we will make your donation as pleasant and uncomplicated as possible. The CMS team will take care of all relevant organization and scheduling. In this way you can concentrate solely on your donation. We have an open ear to questions of any kind, our emergency telephone is available around the clock.