Medical Check-Ups

medical check-up

The Cellex medical team conducts the pre-check  and consultation of donors as part of the process of finding a match.

This evaluation is conducted by experienced physicians and medically trained coordinators to make certain that there are no objections to donate and also no relevant risks to the donor. The examinations include filling out a health questionnaire in order to get the medical history. The donor’s blood sample is analyzed for the presence of infectious diseases (IDMs) which could be transmitted to the patient.

The Cellex team then conveys the medically relevant findings to the corresponding transplantation centers in anonymized form. The team remains available for the donors’ medical questions. Donor protection is the top priority in these consultations.

After the donation, the donor will continue to receive care from the Cellex team. He or she will be given another brief health questionnaire. If further questions arise, these issues will be discussed with the donor, and lab tests will be conducted as needed.