Mission Statement

Cellex and GEMoaB Monoclonals work together on developing better treatment methods for patients suffering from serious diseases. When we founded the company, capacities for bone marrow and stem cell harvesting were still insufficient. Patients sometimes had to face a very long waiting time for a transplant – an unacceptable situation, which we were able to improve noticeably within a few years’ time. Today, our commitment goes much further than the mere collection of stem cells. Beyond this core task, Cellex and GEMoaB want to strengthen the medical service, shorten transport times for blood products and develop innovative new treatment concepts.

Our work is guided not only by the aim to safely collect blood stem cells but also by the goal to transport them to the patient rapidly and in the best quality. In addition, we invest in basic and clinical research to develop medication for patients with life-threatening diseases and constantly improve our treatments. Cellex, its subsidiaries and GEMoaB see themselves as part of a national and international scientific network.

We are moved by the fate of people with life-threatening illnesses. To cure diseases motivates us. We are committed to the welfare of donors and patients, and we care for their health. We feel the deepest respect for the selfless willingness of bone marrow and stem cell donors to help “their patients”. 

People from different disciplines work in our team, their experience and knowledge ensure the quality of our work. Our team characterizes a cooperative, friendly and honest interaction, our communication is always frank, constructive and transparent. This is also how we interact with all our subsidiaries and cooperation partners. The mutual respect we show one another creates an environment where we can face our tasks with confidence. 

For us, quality means safe products, cutting-edge innovations and a comprehensive service both for donors and patients. We systematically shape the processes of our companies to render them efficient and economical. Taking into account authorities and legal requirements our focus is always on making the necessary improvements to our methods. Identifying and observing the risks and opportunities of our work is an integral part of our approach. But cost-efficiency and sustainability are also important pillars of our work.

To achieve our goal of becoming an important member of a network across society, we launched the Cellex Foundation. This foundation promotes innovative science and medical research and commits to tolerance, open-mindedness and international cooperation.