Cellex Foundation

Cellex works on an international scale, cooperating with donors, patients and customers from many different countries. Open-mindedness is of the utmost importance and forms the basis of all communication. However, not all the cities where we are located share this open-minded outlook.

With our foundation we have created an opportunity to support democratic processes and promote open-mindedness and tolerance. We want our staff members, donors and patients to feel welcome in the cities where we are located.

Alongside this field of our work, our medical background moves us to help and support innovative scientists who are working on developing new cancer therapies. Each step in science and research that offers other people a chance of recovery fills us with joy.

Our Engagement

Medical help and appreciation for human well-being know no religious or national boundaries. People who donate stem cells make no distinction regarding skin color, gender, age or background of their patients. Scientific research depends upon discourse and the collaboration of people from all around the world. This notion also informs the issues the Cellex foundation is campaigning for: Tolerance and open-mindedness as well as science and medical research. People are at the centre of our projects.

Visit www.cellex-stiftung.org for further information and impressions about the Cellex Foundation.