Data Protection

Cellex, as a company active in healthcare, is accustomed to responsible handling of sensitive data. Therefore, the protection of personal data in accordance with the current data protection laws is self-evident to us.

By joining the company all Cellex-employees are instructed in data protection data. Moreover the employees are obliged to maintain confidentiality of personal data and to protect corporate secrets. Because of the outstanding importance of data protection an (at least) yearly training in data protection is obligatory.  In addition a complementary yearly training in IT-security is obligatory, too.

In each individual case, Cellex considers carefully, whether personal data are necessary and according to which legal basis the data are collected. Personal data are anonymized at the earliest possible date or (if this is impossible) the data are pseudonymized.

Our rights and role concept ensures, that only authorized employees have access to personal data and that only authorized employees are allowed to work with these data. Furthermore an extensive IT security concept provides for the preservation of security and integrity of the existing data.

Partners and Service Provider undergo a careful examination, before placing of orders an intensive inspection of existing safeguards for data protection takes place.