Cell Collection for research

The Cellex CellCommunity provides cellular products from healthy volunteer donors. They can be used for research purposes, e.g. process development and validation. Our expertise in the development of innovative anticancer drugs allows us to understand, how difficult it can be to obtain cells for research. For this reason, at the beginning of 2017 we launched the CellCommunity. Since then, we successfully collected cells from healthy donors for institutions and organizations around the world.

Our coordinators manage the donor data, organize and coordinate the entire donation and delivery process. In one word: We take care of every step of the process!

After receiving an order, the coordination team plans the logistics, contacts the donor, organizes the product transport and prepares all documents according to GMP standards. On request, standard product information and IDM test results are available.

The cell collection will be performed at one of our Cellex Collection Centers, which belong to the world's most experienced collection centers.

Products are delivered by on-board transport from a courier employed and trained by Cellex. Cellex couriers use validated credo coolers equipped with real-time tracking and temperature logging.

The growing pool of donors allows us to organize donations according to customer requirements.