Cell Supply Chain Management

Cellex Cell Professionals developed and validated together with a long-standing, experienced partner, MOLPE GmbH software programs, which cover all areas of our business.

All workflows related to the collection of apheresis and bone marrow products are managed and documented by the CellPrep software.

CellWeb facilitates the cooperation of international partners in the fields of clinic, apheresis, transport, GMP production and quality management in a web-based system. No other solution offers all these features:

• Supply chain tracking

• chain of identity, traceability

• Patient Assignment

• Document Exchange / Management

• Automatic check of the current process step with automated e-mail notification 

Such complete process management software shortens needle-to-needle time and provides all information to everyone involved at all times. Thanks to its modular structure, it can be adapted to specific projects and can be integrated into partner IT on request. The validation according to EU GMP Annex 11 is self-evident.